Mobile technology has quickly woven its way into the fabric of everyday life, providing convenient ways for individuals to manage various aspects. In recent years, the demand for mobile health (mHealth) services has grown among patients of all ages. While some healthcare organizations made good of this opportunity to offer mobile-enabled care alongside their traditional services, others, many others are still coming to terms with how to meet patient demand for mHealth without placing additional strain on providers.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Clinical Transformation is a recognized industry leader in distance health, offering on-demand virtual visits, remoting patient monitoring, and asynchronous communication services. Nikhyl Jhangiani MBA, MPH, plays an instrumental role in designing and implementing these services. In this presentation, he details how the Cleveland Clinic tackles the legal, technical, financial, and cultural changes of mobile-enabled care delivery.

Learning objectives:

  • Identifying use cases most likely to benefit from a mobile technology
  • Assessing capabilities of existing technology to provide mobile-enabled services
  • Adapting clinical workflows to meeting patient demand for mHealth
  • Increasing provider, patient familiarity with mHealth services ….more