Each year on 19th May family doctors across the globe – and many of their patients! – celebrate World Family Doctor Day. World Family Doctor Day is an opportunity for all of us – doctors, members of the primary care team, family members and patients – to reflect on the role family medicine plays in our lives. It is easy to take for granted the fact that good quality family medicine looks after more than 80% of the world’s illnesses and diseases, provides immunization and vaccination against most of the world’s preventable diseases, provides education and ongoing support to patients who are tackling long term conditions or trying to take better control of their own health.

The work undertaken by family doctors and primary care teams globally provides the most efficient and effective health care for patients. This is not just a cliché: it is not one of those phrases that, if we say it often enough, it will be true. No. The fact that family medicine is the most efficient and effective way to deliver the best health gain is an indisputable fact, based on rigorous research carried out by well-respected academics. Plotting the course of effectiveness in delivery of comprehensive primary care has been reflected in the findings of the distinguished Barbara Starfield through generations of our members and it continues to the present day…Readmore