‘Gauteng as a village of 100 people’, GCRO’s latest Urban Data Gallery application, is an interactive animation that presents Gauteng as if it only had 100 residents. Who are these people? What are their life circumstances? What are their beliefs and opinions on key issues?

The urban setting in our animation is reminiscent of Gauteng. The square is surrounded by buildings and scenes from around the Gauteng City-Region. The figures in the square suggest the gender and racial diversity of Gauteng in a non-‘representative’ manner. In this interactive realm, the 100 animated ‘villagers’ roam around and each represent 1% of the 30 000 respondents in GCRO’s Quality of Life IV (2015/16) survey. In this fun and informative visualisation, users can explore the answers to a series of questions from the 2015/16 survey through five interactive scenarios. Each scenario has five variables that a user can select. You can discover where people in Gauteng would prefer to live; how worried or happy they are; or even whether they think South Africa is a failed state or not. Click these or a host of other questions and your selection changes the way in which the 100 villagers cluster and interact with one another, reflecting the results from the Quality of Life survey. In other words, the villagers are proxies for the survey data, where you, the user, can choose what results are shown from a set of themes and questions….here