Resolution WHA69.24 “Strengthening integrated, people-centred health services [IPCHS]” was endorsed by the 69th session of WHA held in May 2016. The IPCHS resolution urged Member States to implement, as appropriate, the framework of action and make health care systems more responsive to people’s needs. In the Eastern Mediterranean Region Office [EMRO] this strategy is operationalized through scaling up service delivery through the Family Practice [FP] program.

Resolution EM/RC63/R.31, October 2016, was endorsed by the Regional Committee following the technical discussion paper “Scaling up Family Practice: progressing towards universal health coverage2”. The resolution, among other actions, requested the Regional Director to establish a group of experts for technical support of FP scaling-up in the region.

To raise policymakers’ awareness and provide evidence-based information on family practice situation in the region, WHO EMRO has accomplished several assessments, training of trainers workshops have been conducted at regional level and in the countries, and a number of resource materials have been developed including training manuals and operational guides, FP country profiles and advocacy videos. See attached list of publications.


The overall objective of the Expert Consultation is to provide strategic advice on scaling-up of family practice to help countries accelerate progress towards the achievement of universal health coverage. The specific objectives of the experts’ consultation are:

 To advise on strategic directions for scaling up of family physicians in EMR in the context of the technical paper presented on the subject in the 63rd RC;

 Provide high level technical guidance on the WHO online training of general practitioners in Family Medicine;

 Share global and regional perspectives on best practices related to family practice and recommend how these can be adapted to the region;

 Advise on developing and strengthening partnerships with institutions within and outside the region, and in resource mobilization for scaling-up of family practice;

Expected outcomes:

 Identify practical steps to implement WHO/EMRO resolutions on scaling up family practice.

 Agree on the framework of action for scale up family practice implementation in the EMR.

 Identify actions to overcome gap in family physicians productions.

Target Participants

Limited group of regional and international experts in family practice/primary health care from Bahrain, Brazil, Iran, Ireland, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, United Kingdom, South Africa, WHO EMRO and HQ.

WHO EMRO 2014 Approach to Family Practice

WHO EMRO 2016 Resolutions re Family Practice

WHO EMRO 2016 Technical Paper re Family Practice