Uncertainty around how South Africa’s National Health Insurancewill work is cause for concern, says a report by the Davis Tax Committee. And if government fails to consult adequately, it ‘may well create resistance to change … much like the e-tolls’

Fin24 reports that this is according to a new report by the Davis Tax Committee (DTC), which emphasised the need for proper consultation before the health insurance scheme is implemented. The DTC report, which focuses on the financing of the NHI, warned in its concluding remarks that “inadequate engagement at the early stages of NHI may well create resistance to change in the latter stages of implementation – much like the e-tolls”.

The report says the nine-person committee, chaired by Judge Dennis Davis, was set up in July 2013 to assess South Africa’s tax policy framework and submit recommendations to the finance minister. It noted that its tax policy proposals are subject to consultative processes, and the usual Parliamentary oversight if taken up by the finance minister. ….more

NHI risks ‘extreme destabilisation’ and accelerated emigration of doctors