fpm20060300p38-uf1My goal as a physician is to deliver superb care in a vital and sustainable practice. Some may say it is a lofty goal, but it gets to the root of why I chose to become a physician. For years I thought I could achieve this level of care if I had exactly the right information technology. Over time, I came to realize that while the technology was definitely helpful, I was more likely to achieve my goal with a team effort.

The concept of working as a team seems logical. Superb care is made up of many activities, and only some of these activities require a medical degree. But delegation carries risk. Will the tasks be completed? Will they be done well? Will patients view the process as seamless or disjointed?

These issues face our practices every day. We work alongside people, but we probably never think of ourselves as a “care team.” Once we recognize that we are part of a clinical team, we can begin our pursuit of the outstanding care we know we are capable of delivering……more