Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 23.02.08.pngWONCA Africa and AfroPHC, in partnership with ICAS, would like to pilot free counselling support to primary healthcare teams on the frontline through virtual group debrief sessions with a registered professional.

Group debrief sessions may be a great source of support in times like these, by normalizing what you and your fellow colleagues may be going through. Even though much of what you are experiencing is unchartered territories, ICAS counsellors will assist you by providing you with a space to vent on the challenges you face, tap into useful coping mechanisms and hopefully make your load just a little bit lighter.  It is normal for the healthcare worker to feel pressurized during a time like this. It may feel overwhelming for you with the constant risks you face and managing the feeling of doing your best and not single-handedly being able to save the world. It is of utmost importance, now more than ever, to look after your own mental wellbeing: rest when you can, eat healthy foods for sustained energy, exercise where possible and stay in contact with your own support systems. The online debrief sessions will commence 6pm on Tuesday 1st April 2020

Use the following Zoom meeting ID to join the online group debrief session at the following times Monday-Friday from 1st April to 17th April 2020. It will be reviewed thereafter.

Daily 09h00 SA time: Click on

Daily 18h00 SA time: Click on

 Should you wish to speak to a professional counsellor on an individual basis, please call the COVID-19 MEDICAL FRONTLINERS COUNSELLING HOTLINE

HOTLINE 079 513 7015

Full document: WONCA Africa- AfroPHC-ICAS Counselling