virus-1812092_1920_PIXABAYThe most crucial (and overdue) risk communication task for the next few days is to help people visualize their communities when “keeping it out” – containment – is no longer relevant.  The P-word (pandemic) is a good way to launch this message.

But the P word alone won’t help the public understand what’s about to change: the end of most quarantines, travel restrictions, contact tracing, and other measures designed to keep “them” from infecting “us,” and the switch to measures like canceling mass events designed to keep us from infecting each other. ……more

The simple message is ” Stay at home if you are sick with flu, use symptomatic remedies and call a helpline if you think you need medical assistance. Dont go sit in a queue and infect others”

Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019