The world is now clearly in a second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.  With no clear end in sight, the physical and psychological burden on  healthcare workers and first line responders is taking its toll.  

Various studies have reported increased levels of anxiety, depression,  anger, insomnia and unexplained emotional outbursts. 

Burn-out is becoming a daily reality and there is increasing concern  about the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) amongst  frontline workers.  

For frontline workers a second wave is not only a matter of social  distancing and disruption of planned festive season activities, it has  become a matter of finding ways to survive within their professional  and ethical obligation to render a service to the sick and needy.  

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) play an ongoing pivotal role in  managing the epidemic. Protecting their mental health resilience and  supporting them to cope with the psychological burden of maintaining  their commitment to providing care has become a global priority.  

This course will focus on activities to minimise the effect of this  pervasive epidemic on HCPs’ mental wellbeing and guide participants  in their quest to ensure that they stay mentally fit and healthy. 


All Healthcare Providers (HCPs) involved in providing essential and  ongoing services to during the COVID-19 epidemic.


Module 2 – Psychological reactions to lockdown: 

  • Introduction on the effect of lockdown on mental well-being • COVID-related stressors of frontline workers 
  • Delving deeper into mental health well-being during COVID-19 Module 3 – Managing stress 
  • Managing stress: Tips for coping with the stress during COVID-19 • Managing burn-out – How to recognize and cope with burn-out • Managing frontline workers stress associated with COVID-19 and  creating resilience 
  • Integrating mindfulness and meditation in a daily routine • COVID self-care plan 

Module 4 – Psychological aspects of COVID-19 care • Psychological needs of COVID-19 patients 

  • Managing teenagers and children during COVID-19 • Psychological effects of quarantine 

Module 5 – Surviving post COVID-19: Staying real and robust • The psychological aftermath after COVID-19 


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should complete the MCQs and have a pass rate of at least 70%. The course is accredited for 15 CPD points on level 2.


Fully sponsored 

Online e-learning programme delivered through interactive learning  activities, videos, presentations and articles.


The following modules are covered in this short course: 

Module 1 – Introduction: 

  • The world beyond Corona. 

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