This guide, originally developed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), offers tools to help journalists practice responsible coverage of the pandemic using evidence-based information. It also proposes ways to approach coverage and encourages journalists to provide advice and solutions that can help reduce health risks and save lives.

COVID-19 journalistic coverage should:
1. Be ethical and responsible.
2. Be socially responsible.
3. Refrain from being sensationalist or alarmist.
4. Communicate facts and truthful information on the disease.
5. Use reliable, scientific, truthful, and verified sources.
6. Quote scientists, researchers, public health professionals, academics, and specialists in other
disciplines who can clarify public concerns about the situation.
7. Truthfully report on measures that help contain and/or mitigate the spread of the disease.
8. Report on the jobs performed by health workers and their situation, given their critical role in
responding to the epidemic.
9. Report on patients recovering, communities taking measures to tackle the disease, or countries that
have exemplary approaches.
10. Provide reporting that contributes to solutions…more