Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 22.17.57Really interesting conversations today. KJ provided some interesting documents including proposals to improve healthcare worker safety. People are still finding the movie on SABC3 at 21.30 called Contagion. Not many people realise that COVID-19 is actually caused by the second version of the SARS-Corona virus that erupted in 2003. Lots of COVID-19 conspiracy theories including one by Dr. Shiva Ayadhurai , with a controversial claim as ‘inventor of email’.

IY Vawda share a media statement “Media Statement – SA Military Health Service to call-up registered civillian healthcare practitioners” Tyrone Rubin of #AfricaMasks4All asks about masks.  FFP2, N95, KN95 are all equivalent and used for strong PPE. FFPs are a dust respirator used in industry. FFP 3 being stronger than FFP2 being stronger than FFP1. All these masks are supposed to moulded to your face. A surgical mask is not, on paper. In practice, a systematic review by Smith in 2016 showed surgical and N95 masks of the same efficacy largely because of the poor fit of N95. I hope that helps! Fabric masks from 100% cotton, double layered and with a paper towel in between can be as effective as a surgical mask. Our pitch though is My mask protects you and your mask protects me! Here is the reference

Lombardy, in Italy now insists on masks outside homes to stop COVID-19. 

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