As the governments of wealthier countries discuss the logistics – and the moral compulsion – to share COVID-19 vaccines with poorer countries and as the vaccine is increasingly delivered around the world, we can begin to look at what the next phase of our lives might be like. They will not go back to what they were before COVID-19 but we might be able to retrieve a semblance of what we consider to be ‘normal’.

Over the last year, all of our lives have been challenged, professionally, socially and, for many, personally. And yet, our innate desire to try to maintain a semblance of normality is very strong in each of us. In the context of WONCA, one of the things which has amazed me over the last year is the enthusiasm by our regions, our Working Parties, our Special Interest Groups and our Member Organizations to continue to hold conferences and meetings. Just over recent weeks, we have had WONCA Europe, the Royal Australian College of GPs, the RCGP UK, the WWP on Rural Health and the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians holding successful and well-attended conferences…more