Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 16.57.23.pngEffective primary health care is a critical part of ensuring health for all. To that end, leaders in many countries are eager to build, reform, and strengthen their primary health care systems to deliver high-quality, integrated, and patient-centered care. The question is, how?

In a sweeping new effort, 76 researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers from 19 countries identified the gaps in global knowledge about what works in primary health care and how to build effective primary health care systems and prioritized a new research agenda that focuses on four key areas:
·  organization and models of care
·  quality, safety, and performance management
·  policy and governance
·  financing of primary health care systems

The findings are published in 14 articles in a special issue of BMJ Global Health, Strengthening primary health care through research: Prioritized knowledge needs to achieve the promise of the Astana Declaration.

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