There has been a significant increase in deaths from diabetes, which is now South Africa’s second biggest killer.

Diabetes is the number one killer of women and people living in the Western Cape.

This is according to StatsSA, which yesterday (28 Feb) released a report on the causes of death in 2015.

Tuberculosis remains the country’s biggest single killer, claiming 7,2% of all deaths followed by diabetes, which was responsible for 5,4% of deaths.

In 2013, diabetes was the country’s fifth biggest killer and health experts say that poor diet and obesity is behind its meteoric rise.

“Excessive calorie consumption and sedentary lifestyles are the main contributors to the development of diabetes,” according to endocrinologist Dr Sundeep Ruder, who said 7% of South Africans aged 21 to 79 (3.85 million people) have diabetes. …more