Vector of professional medical team connected online to a patient giving a medical consultationHealthcare delivery is increasingly moving away from the hospital and clinic and returning to community-based settings. But instead of the house calls and home births of generations past, patients are accessing a new type of community care: smart health communities.

Smart health communities, a term coined in a recent report published by Deloitte, lean on a set of smart technologies to foster a sense of community among patients with similar health goals or needs. These communities work to drive patient motivation and, in many cases, support chronic disease management or prevention.

“A smart health community is an entity that operates largely outside of the traditional health care system and encourages disease prevention and overall well-being in a geographic or virtual community setting,” the Deloitte researchers wrote. “The basics of SHCs have been around for many years but have evolved because of technological advances and a greater understanding of health behavior change derived from the behavioral sciences.”….more