There was broad support for the principles of the Articles at the UHC Day Workshop 10th December 2020, with a few other changes made by the AfroPHC Core Team in subsequent meetings. The governance of AfroPHC will be by an annual general meeting (AGM) of individual members (1 vote) and institutional members (2 votes) (with no membership fees this year), a nine-person Executive Board elected for three years that will elect leadership from within the Executive Board and meet at least quarterly. The revised Articles of Association will be adopted at the launch.

Join AfroPHC and help us drive this agenda forward. Once you join you will receive a link and details of the meeting. We also encourage members to stand for election to the Executive Board. After you join AfroPHC [] you can email your brief CV and your agreement to be nominated to The deadline for nominations is 8am CAT Monday 19th April. It would be best if you can get another member to support your nomination by copying the email to them and asking them to reply to support your nomination before the deadline. The AfroPHC Core Team will be considering supporting nominations as well so please send your CV anyway…more