We are proud to announce the results of the AfroPHC Executive Board Elections! Thanks to the 210 validated AfroPHC members who participated from across Africa.

Congratulations to a wonderful team. The first nine are below and will be meeting shortly to consider co-options and taking AfroPHC forward. Every one of the candidates made us proud, showing their commitment to African PHC/UHC and the enormous potential of African leadership. We are still going to call on each of these candidates to play a role in AfroPHC as we go forward. The Board also has to set up a schedule of resignations of members to allow an election annually of three new members. They may stand again but the is an opportunity every year to get fresh new blood.

See the full election results at the bottom of this page [https://afrophc.org/meetings/afrophc-launch/].

Please encourage colleagues to join AfroPHC [https://afrophc.org/join-afrophc/] and become part of the change to make good PHC/UHC possible for all in Africa.