Venture Africa, the Pan-African business magazine, has developed a list of ’10 health apps that are saving millions of lives within Africa’. *None* of them appear to be designed to help health workers to diagnose and treat illness.

’10 Apps that are Reshaping Healthcare in Africa’

  • Hello Doctor
  • mPedigree
  • MomConnect
  • Matibabu
  • MedAfrica
  • mRamadan
  • Smart Health app
  • Sehatuk
  • Omomi (My Child)
  • DrBridge

The first version of Samsung and Mobilium’s Smart Health app for Africa was launched in October 2013 and HIFA mem bers found it to have major limitations, eg ‘no one will read all the text (it is lengthy and not as informative as it could be) and in that sense it will be ignored’. I note they recently launched a second version here (it only works on android, which I do not have – please try it out and let us know what you think):

It is hard to imagine how these 10 apps could be saving thousands of lives in Africa, let alone millions.


Maybe the following could be of interest

Diagnosaurus 2.0 DDx PDA Tool

For Palm, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7.  Diagnosaurus provides differential diagnoses (DDx) of symptoms, signs, and diseases. By using the pulldown menu, you can choose to view entries by organ system, or select to view the list of symptoms only, the list of diseases only, or all of the entries.

For example, if you wish to review the causes of a patient’s chief complaint, simply select the symptom or sign from the alphabetical listing. If you have made a diagnosis and wonder what other disorders to consider select your diagnosis from the list to see its DDx. Users can browse through approximately 1,000 diagnoses by organ, system, symptom and disease. There’s also a special etiology section for referencing possible causes of disease. Price: $1.99

Courtesy HIFA2015