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WHO-WONCA Africa-AfroPHC will be having a joint webinar Friday 27th March at 3pm, South African time.  Prof Shabir Moosa, a family physician in Johannesburg, South Africa, will brief on the South African situation and PHC Plans for Johannesburg (see documents below), the epicentre of COVID-19 in Johannesburg. The WHO team in Geneva will provide key inputs on transmission. There will be extensive opportunities for questions and answers. We are hoping to continue this weekly webinar with a focus on a different country/region of Africa each week the same day and time. Keep abreast of COVID-19 across Africa. Register NOW here to join the webinar for Friday 27th March. You can also view last week’s webinar here.

COVID-19 Jhb Health District Plan 2020-03-19

COVID-19 Reporting tool for facilities

COVID-19 Patient Info Sheet