Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 21.47.33.pngThe novel Corona virus disease (COVID-19) has been spreading at a rapid rate across the world, which made World health organization (WHO) to declare it as a pandemic disease. A lot is still unknown about this virus. In view of this Pulmonologist’s from different nations affected by this disease joined hands to frame this consensus on prevention and treatment aspects of this disease. I would like thank all of them who have contributed to this article. This handbook is available to everyone for free. I would also like to request all readers to excuse all the contributors of this handbook for the minor errors; this was purely due to the shortage of time we got for framing this COVID -19 consensuses. Also on behalf of all contributors I would like to dedicate this handbook to every health care worker who has been contributing immensely in the fight against this deadly disease. Let us all join and fight against COVID-19.

Pulmonologist COVID-19.pdf