pngtree-happy-ramzan-2019-wishes-png-image_995381Ramadaan Mubarak! May you enjoy all the blessings of this month!

The WONCA Africa Conference has been scheduled (with pre-conferences) from 4-8th June in Kampala, Uganda. Unfortunately for me, Eid this year is expected to be on the 5th of June 2019. As the WONCA Africa President I have to be there. You can imagine my family’s anger when I foolishly realised (a few months after the date was set early last year) that this would happen. I am committed to being there. My wife and daughter have kindly agreed to let me spend the last few days of Ramadaan and Eid day in Kampala punting the cause of primary care and family doctors in Africa.

I have often found it amazing that UK ambassadors in various countries host a cocktail party before major conferences attended by the Royal College of GPs in the UK. They would invite key people attending the conference and have the ambassador sharing a few kind words on the importance of GPs.

I would like to approach the South African Department of International Relations /  South African High Commission in Uganda to do the same for me, especially being a South African presiding over an African organisation and missing an important family occasion doing it. I would love to have a cocktail party hosted for me by the South African Head of the Mission at the South African High Commission in Uganda on the evening of 5th June. It would be an opportunity to invite some important people attending the conference e.g. Dr Donald Li (WONCA World President), Dr Prosper Tumuusime (WHO Afro) etc. to join us and to share some of what is happening in South Africa in health care reform.

Can you assist me with contacts within the South African Department of International Relations?